Codes for espin mail?

by Guest7847  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I am wondering for the details about Codes for E-Spin mail, is there anyone who can help me please?

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  1. Angelina

     Here is an assemblage of E-Spin unlock codes. Please add here to the system: have all business titles in alphabetical order, put it in the right designated day locality, and delight make the new cipher formatted the identical way as vintage codes. Please don't clutter the register up with incorrect cipher words.
    Elite Mate: free & fully "privileged"
    17 Magazine Survey:"17teenmag"
    ShotAtHome Adfish: "accident"

    Survey Time: "supernatural" <-- not sure if that is the same for everyone
    Orbit Gum: "... Keep life Fresh"

    Tippr: " confirmation link to"

    Pharmacy card: "... up to 75%"
    Eversave Spring Savings: "... forget to provide"
    Online Degree Scholarships: "Check out this special ..."
    Tara Medium: I want to thank you for your...confidence
    Million Dollar Giveaway: "...can we contact "
    RDC free big screen TV: VIZIO - FORGE "...featuring beyonce"
    The 'When Will You Die' quiz: "...these to pass "

    Levi's: products, sales,...service
    Tara Medium: I want to thank you for your...little
    Free ipad: free
    Back to School Sweepstakes: Thanks!
    Pharmacy card: Recession"isn't"
    Evony: cottages... offering shelter
    Million Dollar Giveaway: can we "say"

    RDC free big screen TV: VIZIO - FORGE (featuring "stars")
    Fusioncash: Confused? "Ask" to...
    Free Online Scholarships:While we "get"

    RDC free big screen TV: VIZIO - FORGE (featuring "beyonce")
    Buy with me: You have "successfully"
    Fast Web: "big" information
    IMVU: Find your friends "already"
    Nestle's Cookies: "cookies"
    Meez: Choose your "favorite"
    Meez: Select a "favorite"
    Eversave spring savings: ...forget to "send"...
    Evony: "who's" offering shelter...
    On Demand Research: Start a "sentence"
    Quality Health: Select your FREE "bonus"
    Prize Daily America: will be contacted "via"
    Levi's: You will "now"

  2. Guest10690892
    please i have not cheaked my mail on espin so plaese what are all of the codes please
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