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I know this is a Manilow category, but I couldn't find another category for Clive Davis and my question. Maybe you can help me.

My question is what are the duties that Clive Davis had at his former job and what duties would he have at his future job?

If you can't answer the question, can you tell me what category I may be able to find the answers in?  Thanks.

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  1. James Augustus
    Clive Davis was a very successful lawyer before joining music Industry. Clive Davis attended Harvard Law on a scholarship, and in the early 1960s, he started his own law firm. His firm was eventually absorbed into a larger firm which represented CBS Records. Davis became a protégé of CBS Records President Goddard Lieberson, and started to ascend the ranks of Columbia/CBS. In 1967, he became leader of Columbia Records and became involved in the newest lifetime of folk rock and rock and roll. One of his soonest burst signings was the British folk-rock musician Donovan, who relished a string of thriving strike records and albums issued in the USA on the Epic label. In June 1967, at the advising of his ally and enterprise associate Lou Adler, Davis came to the Monterey Pop Festival. He directly signed Janis Joplin with Big Brother & the Holding Company, and Columbia went on to sign Laura Nyro, Jimmie Spheeris, Electric Flag, Santana, The Chambers Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Andy Pratt, Chicago, Billy Joel, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Pink Floyd. The business, which had before bypassed rock melodies (its couple of rock actions former to the Davis presidency included The Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, and Paul Revere and the Raiders), increase two-fold its market share in three years. One of the large-scale recordings issued throughout Davis' tenure at Columbia was Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden", in late 1970. It was Davis who asserted "Rose Garden" be the homeland singer's next lone release. The recital come to number one in 16 nations round the world and stayed the large-scale trading album by a feminine homeland creative individual between 1971 and 1997.

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