Cleaning LCD & LED Screens

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How to clean LCD & LED screens at home quickly. Find quick process to clean your LCD and LED screens using home made cleaners!

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    As you know, LCD's are popular forms of flat screen televisions and monitors. But what you may not know is that, LCD which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, utilizes specialized technology to create a high quality and energy efficient display. Another thing that you might not know is that LCD screens cannot and should not be cleaned the same way you used to clean your older televisions. Luckily, the items and process involved in cleaning LCD screens are simple, natural and quick. Outlined below is a Step by Step Guide to everything you will need to do in order to effectively and easily clean your LCD screen. What You Need In order to clean your LCD and have it looking its best, you will need the following: - soft cloth (microfiber is best; however an old white under shirt works well too) - distilled water (tap water will leave streaks) - distilled white vinegar NOTE: Do not use any cleaning agent that has ammonia or bleach it in. This can damage your screen beyond repair.

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