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I watched a movie long ago (not sure if it was black and white) which I loved, but cannot remember the title and have not seen it since. Here is what is what I recall of the movie:

Sisters living together raising and orphan boy (I think 3 sisters).

One of the sister is actually the mother of the boy, but keeps this fact hidden from her family (it think this is the young and adventurous one). The mother of the boy had left her house at one time, eloped with a man she barely knew, and got pregnant the first (and I think) last night they were together. She abandoned her husband and returned home sometime with a kid claiming it was an orphan child.

In the movie, her husband tracks her down. I think he wants her back and it is revealed that they have a child together.

I do not recall much more.

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. John


    thanks for writing. I think the film you are talking about is \"The g*y Sisters\" starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent and Geraldine Fitzgerald. It appears from time to time on Turner Classic Movies but alas, at this time is not out on video or DVD.

    The movie, the g*y Sisters is a 1942 American Warner Bros. it is based on a novel by Stephen Longstreet. You can watch it on, and can find more answers.

    Hope you got the answer of your question.



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