Name of Classic black & white film.

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I want to know about black and white film. All I can remember is the plot. There are 3 main characters an old woman, a young girl, and a young boy. The old woman was hurt, by a man she loved, when she was younger. She was hurt so bad that it consumes her life. She wears her wedding dress all the time and never leaves the house. She keeps the table set for a large feast that was suppose to happen after her wedding. She even raised this young girl to be her weapon against men. She teaches the young girl how to make men fall in love with her, but to never be in love. Thus torturing anyone that falls in love with her. 

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think you are talking about the movie ,Great Expectations, it is based on the novel which was written by Charles Dickens. Initially it was published as a serial but then a movie was made based on the novel. It is a British film which won two Academy awards, it won two Academy Awards. It was also nominated for the (best picture, best director and the best screenplay. It was directed by David lean, The cast of the movie is as following. John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Finlay Currie, Marita Hunt and Alec Guinness. Many people appraised the movie in a very positive manner and many of them hailed as the best film made form the novel of Dickenson.

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