Classic film plot, want to know the name

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I tried to skim through the past questions, so I hope this was not already asked! I have been trying to search and find a classic movie, but I cannot figure it out. I remember it is in black and white, and I am pretty sure it takes place during the great depression. I remember one scene where a guy in a bank is standing above everyone else (they want their money), and he explains that their money is with each other. He says, "Mr. ... your money is in Ms ... house!

I do not know if this is enough to help, but I appreciate your help!

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  1. John

    Hi Brady

    I do not know if this will help at all. I cannot seem to think of any other film that would have a scene like the one you described, except for the classic film of the 40s, \"It is A Wonderful Life\", starring Jimmy Stewart.

    When a rumor starts in the small town, that the local bank (run by Stewart may no longer have funds, they all storm the bank to withdraw any savings they may have there. He tries to qualm their fears, but they're too panicked to listen.

    This is a favorite film which is almost always shown on TV at Christmastime, and is available on DVD and VHS. I love this classic movie. I hope you get the answer now, but still if you have something in your mind than do share.

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