Biography of some Classic Actresses.

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I am 20 years old and finally deciding to see how good these all time great actresses really were. I was going to start with Katharine Hepburn and wanted to know which movies of hers you would recommend?
Also how would you personally rate the following actresses:
Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, and Ingrid Bergman.

Also if their are any other actresses from this era that you would recommend that would be great. Thank you so much.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Kate Hepburn was in a class all her own when it came to acting. You want to see her at her best? Start with \"The Philadelphia Story,\" \"Bringing Up Baby,\" and the version of \"Little Women\" she did. Move into all of the films she made with Spencer Tracy, in particular \"Adam's Rib,\" \"Pat and Mike,\" and \"Desk Set.\" Catch \"The African Queen,\" of course Absolute musts, though - \"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,\" \"The Lion in Winter,\" and On Golden Pond.\" But remember this - watch the films, but watch HER, too... she did not just act, she reacted. Watch her eyes, her hands, her body... she moved with the scene like a tree in the wind, flowing from one line to another just as smoothly as water over a rock... amazing stuff.

    Bette Davis? \"Jezebel,\" \"All About Eve,\" \"Now Voyager,\" \"The Petrified Forest,\" and absolutely \"Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte,\" and \"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?\" Bette's style of acting was more presentational, but she was a magnet when she was onscreen... you were just drawn to her.. make sure you see \"The Wales of August,\" too...

    Audrey Hepburn - \"Roman Holiday,\" \"Funny Face,\" \"Sabrina,\" \"The Nun's Story,\" \"Charade,\" and \"Two For the Road.\" This woman was simply beautiful to look at and to listen to... Her acting came much more from within, though...everything she did seemed thoughtful, like there was a second where she thought about what she was supposed to say before she said it, and that made it seem more innocent and real... also check out \"Breakfast at Tiffany's\" and \"Wait Until Dark.\"

    Bergman? Simply wonderful... \"Casablanca,\" you cannot beat the eyes in \"Casablanca\"... she could break your heart with a tear... make sure you see \"Gaslight,\" \"Spellbound,\" \"The Bells of St. Mary's,\" and \"Indiscreet.\" Bergman's magic, though, was, when she got older, she just went with it. See her in \"Cactus Flower,\" \"Murder on the Orient Express,\" even \"Anastasia,\" and you will see a maturity come into her work that transcends the fact that she was no longer a ravishing beauty. Instead, she became a lovely mature woman.

    If anyone on your list is overrated, it's Vivien Leigh... sure, she became Scarlett O'Hara in \"GWTW,\" but she never got past that emotional level... or, didn't until she made \"Streetcar Named Desire\" and \"Ship of Fools.\" And, by then, she was already slipping into the mental problems that plagued her for the last years of her life.

    One you should really watch in action, though, is a woman named Jean Arthur... She was in \"Mr Smith Goes to Washington,\" Mr Deeds Goes to Town,\" \"Shane,\" and \"You Can't Take it With You,\" to name only a few... she was a fantastic actress, one that could break your heart and make you laugh all in the same scene... she was gorgeous, had a killer smoky voice, and could smile better than most anyone out there today. But, for whatever reason, she just never became a \"legendary superstar\" like the others on your list.

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