Last words of Kane in Citizen Kane

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While viewing Citizen Kane I noticed that while Kane was dying he was alone. Then how come journalists came to know that his dying word was Rosebud. Hope you can throw some light into this matter. If there was nobody to record his voice or hear his last words, than how come his last words are considered to be rosebuds? I need answer, as I am unable to find out some reliable information. If you have no information on this topic, than please help me out to search it on my own at some useful portal, where I could read the screenplay myself. I want to be satisfied, whether or not his last words been recorded.

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  1. John

    That is a very good question, and quite observant of you. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to your question. It is never said in the film how his last words come to be known, even though he does die by himself.

    I went back and re-read the screenplay, and nowhere in it does it say how his last words come to be recorded. My only guess is that there was a doctor or hired help who happened to be around when he died, although they may have been omitted from the film for dramatic purposes.

    Please, feel free to read the screen play online at

    I think you can find some useful information. Let me know if you come to any interesting conclusions yourself!


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