Famous Christmas decorations of 2010?

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Christmas decorations. What are popular Christmas decorations in 2010? I want to put them in my house.

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  1. Mitchel

     The first and most important Christmas outdoor ornament is for sure the Christmas tree! There wouldn't be any successful Christmas yard scene without a tree on the lawn!

    If you have a big yard, then, I suggest to get a big lighted Christmas tree - many pre-lit trees can work both indoor and outdoor.

    Obviously, you are free to make decision on placing a smaller tree on your porch instead of a big one in the garden or the yard. For a nice presentation, place plants and flowers all around your Christmas tree as well as a bunch of colored lights!

    You might not really like the idea of a classic pre-lit outdoor Christmas tree and wish to opt for a more modern approach with an outdoor lighted Christmas silhouette. Therefore, I suggest to choose a zig-zag outdoor Christmas tree; which fits with the end of year holidays with perfection.

    This type of outdoor Christmas lighted decoration is mostly made out of large and small rope motives with lights forming the silhouette.

    There is a wide range of alternatives when it comes to outdoor lighted Christmas silhouettes such as Santa Claus, Santa and Reindeers, Angels, Mistletoe, Snowflakes, Snowman, etc.
    There is a huge variety of Christmas lights for you to choose from!

    Those range from net lights, rope lights, LED lights, mini lights, and lights with different designs such as snowflakes and stars.

    The hardest part of the job might be to make decision on which one to choose! However, I think the Xmas outdoor lights decoration displayed below is among the most popular ever!

    In the large list of lighted outdoor Christmas ornaments, we also find one of the most popular symbols: Santa's reindeer. Actually there's no fairy Christmas yard without Santa and his fantastic reindeer; which became, through the decades, the most popular and classic Christmas lighted ornaments for the yard.

    Other characters available are Santa Claus, Mr & Mrs Santa, snowmen, and many more! You can place wherever you wish in the yard if you wish to showcase your front yard or even in your backyard, for the sole pleasure of your family.

    Because outdoor lighted Christmas characters are available in several different sizes, you don't have to worry about the lack of space (sizes range from 24" to 8' in height).

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