Christian Poveda shot dead in El Salvador

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Christian Poveda shot dead in El Salvador; did you know the Controversial French filmmaker Christian died by a gunshot; he was famous for his documentary about a violent street gang in El Salvador which provoked controversy earlier this year has been found shot in the head.

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    Gangsters are suspected to be behind the killing, which has provoked anger and revulsion. Mauricio Funes, the former Marxist guerrilla who became President of El Salvador in June, spoke of his shock in a statement last night and ordered a full investigation. Related Links Manuel Melgar, the public safety minister, deplored the “repugnant and reproachable criminal act" and vowed that police would work tirelessly to find Poveda’s killers. La Vida Loca (Crazy Life), Poveda's latest film, focused on the hopeless and brutal lives of various fantastically tattooed members of Mara 18.

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