Chris Brown faces uphill battle to save career

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Chris Brown faces uphill battle to save career

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  1. Maira
    With one disturbing news report, and an accompanying photo that underlined the pain, pop singers Chris Brown and Rihanna gained widespread attention for something other than their music. Brown was booked last month after an early morning altercation shortly after a pre-Grammy party that left Rihanna with bruises and a scratch on her face. Brown was later charged with felony assault, and is scheduled to be arraigned on April 6. Since then, the scrutiny and fallout have been considerable. Immediately, Brown and Rihanna canceled their scheduled performances at the Grammys, and Wrigley's dropped him as a pitchman. Rihanna has been criticized in many circles for going back with him, even though it is unclear if they are still a couple at the moment.

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