The less crowded Shopping areas in Santiago.

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I want to know about the shopping area in Santiago especially for electronics and computer parts where I can get things at the local prices and not at the tourist prices. Besides, which areas can I go to Santiago that are safe and at the same time not crowded with tourist?

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  1. Mitchel
    First I would give information about the less crowded and safe shopping places in Santiago, where you can have a great experience of shopping without getting disturbed by the hustle and bustle of crowds, and killing beams of the glaring sun. I guess from your description that you prefer shopping in fancy air-conditioned places: you will find large sophisticated shopping malls in almost all the districts of Santiago. You can shop there on Saturday and Sunday, and they are open until late at night. You can also find latest and most up to date computer products and service in Santiago. Chile unlike most Spanish speaking countries makes use of the word el computador for computer instead of la computadora. However, English name for most other computer terms are used by Chileans. Here are the complete addresses of some of the places, who rent, sell or service computers. • Ripley Huérfanos 979 Santiago Centro (2) 694-1000 • Almacenes París Avenida 11 de Septiembre 2221 Providencia (600) 6000-777 Metro Station Los Leones • • Technicenter Computer repair Santa Isabel 1156 Providencia (2) 640-3400 • PC Service Computer rental and repair Avenida Seminario 20, Of. 107 Providencia (2) 341-2472 Metro Station Baquedano • Alfacom Computer rental (2) 225-4859  

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