Children pee in the changing room

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I' ve noticed that at the local pool, into the small kids locker room some mothers let the kids peeing in the changing room (on the floor, on the drain, in a corner against the wall). It happens mostly in the little boys room, bit in the little girls it happens too.
I've seen mother evene suggesting or encouraging the kides to pee there..
I discovered that my sister let their children (b and F) pee on the floor in changing room, and when she took my children (2 g and 1 b) to the pool she make them pee there too. So now I let them pee whne they are in the pool changing room too. as I noticed that other kids do it, and mothers never complained about it

do you have any experience about it?

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  1. Guest28437008

    When me and my sister were older,around 12 or 13,our mom would take us to the pool.and we each had a pair of toddler size rubberpants that we would put on first,then our swimsuits over them and sometimes we would pee in the rubberpants before entering the pool.Have any other girls here worn rubberpants under their swimsuits when they were over 10 years old? 

  2. Guest28436938

     I am 12boy an i per at school locker room on floor very day

  3. Guest28155337
    I pee on floor at my school iam12 cuzlikewe don't have a lot of time to change after pe or like our soccer game
  4. Guest18572946
    My parents had never told me to pee in a corner, or in a drain. My mum would find that quite rude and disgusting. It could give diseases out and it isn't to pleasant for the people around whilst some one is peeing in a corner. It must be different when you were peeing in the corner or drain, but has anyone came up near you because your near a drain and had a pee there, if they did, would you find it quite rude?
  5. Guest16974671
    A couple middle school boys here recently got in trouble for "horseplay" in the locker room. Reportedly, one of the boys held a kid down on the locker room floor while 2 others urinated on him. They tried to make an assault charge from it, but it was left at horseplay. The boys accused claimed the boy fell while they were urinating. The concern was whether or not they intended to urinate on him, while inocently peeing on the floor. In all the discussion no one faulted them for peeing on the floor. I think it's become so common place in boys locker rooms that neither coaches or parents even think twice about it. I suppose that if a parent is aware it's common in the boys room and accepted by coaches, it's understandable they might make it easier on themselves and just tell the little kids to just go. I've never said anything like this to my kids, yet I know my boys now pee in the drains at school, they're going to do it anyway, I suppose I could have made it easier on myself then, but I'm too shy about that. I don't mind them doing it, but I wouldn't have told them to.
  6. Guest16841468
    There is always going to be people who are shocked at something natural. pee is actually not that harmful. Often used in emergencies for treating bad jellyfish stings (mild ones not the killer ones) Helps ease the pain. Pee has a certain sterilization effect. Although I wouldn't recommend it over actual medicine of course lol. But really, its mostly just water filtered through your body. What toxins there are depends on how old you are and the only way you can get hurt by that is drinking it, (ewwww) and even then only if filled with nasty diseases. Kids aren't for the most part. Health issue. Doubtful. As long as they don't go having pee fights, its all good :) I'd be more worried about finding blood not cleaned up. now THAT can be a serious health hazard, considering the diseases out there.
  7. Guest15389489
    My mum originally tried to have us kids (me, older brother, younger sister) attempt to hold it and reach the toilets which were in a separate building on the other side of the pool. After discovering this was a pain in the butt as one of us always had to pee badly as soon as we got in the changing room, my mum gave in and had us do what most of the other mums prompted their kids to do...pee in a corner or over a drain. It was accepted at our pool, and occasionally when changing with my mum she'd also pee over a drain.
  8. Guest15313417
    Oh yeah these moms are so bad? But honestly, boys pee all over in locker rooms and all anyone says is "boys will be boys", but when a mom tells a little boy to just go pee pee on the floor while dressing him rather than take him to the toilets she's being disgusting! Moms are expected to inconvienence themselves when dressing little boys and then pretend we don't know what boys do in their locker room. Give me a break, whether mom shows them to do it or not they'll do it anyway when they're older so I really don't see what's so wrong with a mother showing her son how he can relieve himself quickly without being obvious or making a big mess! As it was said, children pee so very little, is a couple of ounces in a corner or on a wet floor really an issue? I've never taken my grandsons to a toilet and their moms are fine with that.
  9. Guest15146353
    Kids don't pee much do they? The puddle dries fast right?
  10. Guest15060070
    So moms are not has health minded as they came to be. I through boys do that but girls are just like boys. There no differs in gender. Human are humans and that is the fact. I through moms are to be a great role model but they not. It shocking what moms do with children and what they let children do. Men are be so bad but we female are just as bad as they. Children pee on the floor in in a drain is not right. There nothing wrong for girls or boys to see each other pee but their need to be a toilet or urinal. Peeing on the floor is a health issues. So mothers out there need to be a good role model for children.
  11. Guest14960845
    I'd never seen that in the womens rooms or ever heard of it until I took my little boy to swimming lessons. The lessons were at the middle school on Saturday and the boys were pre-school age, so they needed help to change. I went in with our neighbor woman and her younger son. As we walked into the dressing area I noticed a little boy standing in the showers naked peeing! I expected to see a mom rush over and stop him, but no one seemed to notice. As the boys changed my neighbors son said "I gotta go pee" and she said, "ok, go" and motioned him toward the showers! He ran over their like it was normal and began to go. Just then the instructor, a woman coach walked in and said hello to my neighbor, knowing her from past years and the three of us began to talk. Of course, my son announced to me he needed to pee as well and I put him off a moment saying, "ok, we'll go in just a minute." I was stunned when the instructor said to my son, "the boys just go pee pee over there" pointing toward the shower area. I looked shocked and my son was hesitant, (being taught better), but she went on to say to me, "don't panic mom, they all do that and worse when they're older and they're not hurting anything." I reluctantly allowed him to go there, although I wasn't comfortable with it. Over the next few weeks I noticed that all the other moms either allowed their sons to do so at their own intiative or sent their sons into the shower area to pee! In the couple years since I've become so accustomed to boys doing it that I'm not even mindful what they're doing. A few times another mom has noticed my boys and has mulled over what they were doing, but amazingly they've all had their sons do so as well.
  12. Guest12194899
    Usually my friend goes to take my dughter and her 2 daughters after the pool and take them home, but lastweek she couldn't so I went to take them It is an old sporting center and the pool changing room has no toilets inside, while the showers are poolside. I went into the girls changing room to take the girls. While dressing my friend smaller daughter told to her big sister that she needed to pee, and the other girl replied her to go "as usual". To my surprise the girl squatted and pee on the floor near the bench...I was puzzled but said nothing. In the evening I told my friend about it, and I was surprised to her that she knows they pee in the changing room and allow them to do it.
  13. Guest11871809
    The boys at our local pool do that and many of their moms are aware of it, it's not a big deal. Never say a mom suggest them to do it, however I've not heard a mom tell them not to either.
  14. Guest11179007
    I've got three sons and a few years back I overheard the two older boys say something about peeing in the locker room. I told them that it was rather crude to pee there, but as I soon learned many of their friends moms were aware their sons did it as well and didn't really see a problem with them doing so. I brought up the subject with one of their coaches at the pool and he shrugged it off as no big deal, many boys do it. While I still don't think it's proper, I've accepted that it's common for boys so and I allow them to. My little guy (4) usually dresses with me in the ladies room, but he's gone in with the boys as well and knows they pee on the floor. A couple times now he's started to go on the floor there and while I confess I've let him finnish, it's about time for him to start going through the boys room before he embarrasses me in the ladies room.
  15. Guest10609076
    Once I was in spain with a family friend, we went to a pool that had changing rooms separated from toilet block. My friend daughter and son complained of needing to pee before we arrive. As we got in the changing room the child sayd that he needed to pee, asking the permission to go. To my surprised the mother agreed and both the children peed on the floor, while few other mother with children in the room noticed it and didn't complained.

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