Can you tell me about the movie Charleys Aunt.

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I am trying to locate a film that brings back fond memories -- "Charleys Aunt." It includes a song I like very much -- "Once In Love With Amy." I would thought it starred Ray Bolger but doesnt list the film in his movie bio. There also seem to be several different versions. Which do you believe to be the definitive? What is the best source for purchasing classic films? Thanks for your time!

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Charleys Aunt is novel and character which was written by Brandon Thomas. It became a very famous character and novel as it broke all the records in the history, there were some original London run performances. This play was first performed at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmonds in February 1892. The actor who performed in this play was W.S Penley. He was a friend of Thomas. The play was a success on Broadway in the year 1893, and there it had another run. This play also toured internationally and it also revived usage of music in films which was missing then.
    Stephen Spettigue played the role of guardian of Kitty and the villain of the story. Colonel Frances played the role of father of Jack Chesney, Charles Wykeham was an Oxford undergraduate who fell in love with Amy, Lord Fancourt was also undergraduate who get pulled into Jack and Charleys scheme. The play became very successful and it opened the way for many audiences and also received many notices from the press.

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