Champagne Flamingo Cocktail Recipe

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How to make Champagne Flamingo Cocktail Recipe using vodka, Campari & chilled Champagne. Step by step guide prepare Champagne Flamingo Cocktail at home

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    Champagne Flamingo is a deliciously red colour refreshing drink made with vodka, Campari, and champagne. Never compromise on quality of this drink and try to use any brand of premium vodka in order to maintain its interesting bitter taste. You can make this stronger champagne cocktail during holidays or on weekends to have a great blast with friends, family, or colleagues. This recipe makes just one drink but you can do yourself a favour and increase the quantity of the ingredients according to the number of your guests. Do not waste time in thinking and make this refreshing drink today to taste the difference. Follow the given below step by step Champagne Flamingo cocktail recipe to entertain your guests with this amazing drink: Ingredients (take just 2 minutes and make 1 drink) (3/4 oz) vodka (3/4 oz) Campari Chilled Champagne for topping purpose Crushed ice or ice cubes

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