Catherine Zeta Jones and her Bipolar disorder, how she managed?

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I want to know how she really came out of her misery when she was facing the worst period of her life, the bipolar disorder.

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  1. John

    It was quite unfortunate news for the fans of Catherine Zeta-Jones, who heard about her bipolar disorder. But lucky she was given full support of her husband, Michael Douglas who was also fighting with cancer.
    After considering with the tension of the past year, Catherine has really made the conclusion to ascertain in to a mental wellbeing facility for a short stay to heal her Bipolar II disorder which is a good decision as the rep states in a statement. Catherine is feeling large and looking ahead to beginning work this week on her two imminent films.

    Bipolar disorder, a mental sickness assessed by increased or irritable feelings alternating with time span of despondency, afflicts about 6 million Americans. Those with Bipolar II are inclined to have more despondency, with the feeling swings disperse over a longer time and the up time span less elevated. The episodes can be triggered by foremost tension or life changes.

    Really, it is been a hectic year. Catherine has had deal with Michael's sickness and that's been hard. She went in for a couple of days because she is about to start employed, and liked to confirm she's in peak pattern, which she is. Her husband also broadcast in January that he was announced frees of cancerous infection and now every thing is on the same old track.

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