Cat Cora grew up in Jackson

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Cat Cora grew up in Jackson, Cora grew up in a small Greek community in Jackson, Miss., in a family that celebrated cooking. "I loved entertaining from a young age," she told People. "I had an Easy Bake oven and was serious about tea parties."

She developed her first business plan for a restaurant at age 15, but it was the advice she received from the late chef Julia Child at a book signing that set Cora on the path to becoming a professional chef.

"Go to the Culinary Institute of America," Child told the recent University of Southern Mississippi graduate, where Cora had majored in exercise physiology and minored in biology (because, she jokingly told Aventura magazine earlier this year, "at the time in Mississippi there wasn't the 'celebrity chef' status").

Cora applied and was accepted to the prestigious culinary school in New York. After graduation, she apprenticed with two master chefs in France, then returned to New York to work as a sous-chef before heading out to Northern California to work as chef de cuisine at Bistro Don Giovanni, a Napa Valley restaurant.

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