Is the Tom Hanks movie Castaway based on a true story?

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I am very fond movies and a great fan of Tom Hank; I am wondering about the details is the Tom Hanks movie Castaway based on a true story? Is there any website that might give me answer with sufficient details?

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  1. Angelina

     I don’t believe that Tom Hank’s video Castaway founded on a factual story, this movie seems that this was an inspiration. William broyles worked on the composition of the screenplay for Castaway, Planet of the Apes (remake), Unfaithful, and Entrapment. So he appears to be all over the location, story-wise. There is another video called Castaway that is founded on a publication of the identical title by Lucy Irvine that recognises her know-how of responding a man's individual publicity looking for a "wife" to spend a year on a tropical isle with him. So it's likely that this was the inspiration. There is another publication called Castaway that performances like Lord of the Flies, so perhaps the screenwriter read that one too.
    I'm certain that things like what occurred in the video manage occur, but we just don't discover about it, possibly tales like that are purposely stifled by the forces that be. Think how empowering that would be to persons to discover about this man or woman who endured, with not anything but their own resourcefulness to hold them alive.
    There is another concept that Tom Hank’s video Castaway founded on a factual story is a fiction video, according to the credits at the end of the video it states that the happenings and individual characteristics are fictitious.

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