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My question is do you have any current info on Casper Van Dien, I am a big fan of Casper Van Dien and want to know more about his personal life or what type of movies he will be doing in the future I love him so much. Just help me out to have an idea about his future endeavors.


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    I am a die hard fan of Casper Van Dien. The charming hero is the sixth Casper in his family and the most charming one. His father was a Navy officer. His acting career was started back in the year 1997. Casper Van Dien also took a bit part in the famous video game franchise, Wing Commander IV. The video game was a big hit indeed and one of my favorites as well. His famous movies were Sleepy Hollow, Python, Beastmaster III and One Hot Summer, although this famous actor has performed in many films and admired by a huge number of fans and audience.
    All I know about Casper that he is married to an actress named Catherine Oxenberg during the filming of a famous movie called The Collectors. The couple has three children, daughters India and Gracie, and a son Casper Jr. They live in LA. He is currently working on a movie called Coming Back, it is a war movie. I hope I have helped you and let me know if you have any other questions.


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