How I can change my Career or plan any event in advance?

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Hi,I want to change my career,could you tell me few useful tips for event management so that I can get some directions for my search,I need help,Thanks.

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  1. kate

    If you really want to change your career then you can fallow the following mentioned steps:
    • Assessment of interests: Several people change their careers because they do not like their job, boss, and company. So, it is suggested that listing down your dislikes as it is an easier part of this step; because you will not find what direction to change your career unless you identifies your likes.
    • Researching New Careers. Once you've recognized your passion, spend some time and find some careers that center around your likeness. For instance, changing your career from a teacher to a corporate trainer or Web designer. You can find some great career details and a skills-matching service from different websites.
    • Transferable Skills. Leverage few of your recent skills and experiences to your new career. There are several skills, for example communications, leadership, planning, and others that are transferable and utilize to what you want to do in your new career.
    • Training and Education. You may find it essential to update your skills and improved your knowledge. . If the skill you want to learn is one you could use in your recent job, see if your present employer would be willing to pick up the tab.
    • Networking. One of the important step to change career successfully will be your networking abilities. People in your network may be able to offer you job leads, offer you suggestion and information about a specific company or industry, and introduce you to others so that you can enlarge your network.

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