Carbon credits in global warming?

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Can you please tell me what a carbon credid is in the context of global warming, the Koyoto Accord, And Al Gore"s movie An Inconvienient Truth. When did they first come up with the idea of a carbon credit? Who thought it up?? And exactly what is a carbon Credit??

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  1. Mitchel

     carbon credit system is commonly known as the cap-and-trade system. It is working on similar lines as the US Acid Rain Program is endeavoring to lessen the industrial pollutants. In this carbon credit system, which has been established in the Kyoto Protocol, which has been further elaborated in the Marrakesh Accords, every country decides a proper amount of carbon emission, released in a year by that country. With every passing year, the amount of carbon emission decreases, this process ultimately brings about a net reduction in global emissions.
    Now it depends upon the governments, that how they will implement this process. The government will have to, put a restraining cap on companies or industries functional in their respective nations. This entire capping system is administered by the governments, but the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), keeps a monitoring check on the governments.

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