What are Capital gains on a quit claim?

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My mother just died and my step-father has entered into an assisted living apartment. He quit claimed his house over to me and my sister and now there is the possibility that my sister is not going to live there so we will need to sell it. We want to put the money in a trust or something to preserve it for my step-father. When we sell it, do I have to pay taxes? I do not know any real estate attorneys. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Angelina

     Capital gains can be defined as:
    1. An increase in the worth of a capital asset (investment or genuine estate) that devotes it a higher worth than the buy price. The gain is not recognized until the asset is sold. A capital gain may be short period (one year or less) or long period (more than one year) and should be asserted on earnings taxes. A capital decrease is acquired when there is a decline in the capital asset worth in evaluation to an asset's purchase price.
    2. Profit that results when the cost of a security held by a mutual finance increases overhead its buy cost and the security is traded (realized gain). If the security extends to be held, the gain is unrealized. A capital decrease would happen when the opposite takes place.
    Quitclaim can be defined as:
    Quitclaim exploits move or "quit" any concern in genuine property. The grantor may not be in name at all, so the grantee will not suppose that the grantor has any genuine concern to convey. However, if the grantor were, state, wed to the proprietor of the house, marking and notes a quitclaim deed supportive the spouse would move any concern the grantor may have in the house to the spouse.
    When you obtain ownership to a house through a stop assertion deed, you furthermore get the house at the cost cornerstone that the preceding proprietors had. This may lead to capital profits levies when you deal the home. To understand how much capital profits levy you will owe, communicate a levy preparer for example an accountant or registered agent.

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