Name of movie based on Capital Punishment judgement.

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I am looking for a movie where the guy frames himself for a murder and gets sentenced to death. A detective thinks something is off but can't prove it. He ends up getting put to death and after he dies, the detective proves he framed himself just to get his point across that capital punishment is wrong.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The name of movie you are talking about is “The life of David Gale” and it was released in the year 2003 , it is an American drama film which was directed by Alan Parker and the writer of the film was Charles Randolph. Kevin Spacey is in the main cast and also a college professor who was sentenced to death for killing a fellow, he was also an activist against capital punishment. Theo other cast of the movie includes Kate Winslet and Laura Linney. David Gale is a prisoner on death row in the state of Texas. Gale is a head of Philosophy department at the University of Austin, he is also an author and the active member of Deathwatch, it was a group which was moving against capital punishment. Gale is married and spends time with his son ,on the other hand his wife had an affair and she lived away from him in the Spain.
    He also went into a debate with the Governor of Texas but loses the debate. In 2003 the film was nominated for Golden Bear in the city Berlin, It was also nominated for the Political Film Society.

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