Name of movie where American are kidnapped by Germans.

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Do you know the name of a movie where an American officer is kidnapped by the Germans just before the Normandy invasion. They drug him and when he awakens he thinks he's in an allied hospital but it's really Germans who are able to speak like Americans. He is told that he had been in a coma and to test to see if there was any lingering effects they start to ask him about his part in the invasion. He suddenly feels a paper cut on his finger that he remembers doing on the last day he remembers and starts to suspect something is up and he starts his escape plans. Can you please help on this.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The name of the movie is 36 hours , it is an American suspense film, the story of the movie Is written by Ronald Dahl. The cast of the memory include James Garner, Eva Marie Saint and Rod Taylor. The director of the movie was George Seaton. The mind of American officer was changed in a way that he was forced to believe that he is suffering from Amnesia, the World War 2 has ended many years ago and the efforts are still a vital secret. The final briefing of General Eisenhower’s final briefing was about D-Day, U.S Army, Major Jefferson. They were sent to London to confirm about the German double agent. But the Pike falls into the trap and the drugs made him unconsciousness.

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