How can I set cable default channels?

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The TV will not allow me to set it on channel 00, which is the Video and cable channel. Ive tried many different remotes all with the same result. I can change the TV manually but can not get channel 00. I tried to set the TV to channel 3, but this does not allow the cable to come through, no channels are visible on the TV. The 00 channel has always been set through the remote control, never has it been able to set manually,

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  1. Guest459440
    I believe you are getting mixed up between channels and programs.
    Normally program 00 is used for VHS as it has slightly different parameters for colour and brightness.
    If the TV has about 39 or more programs which can be programmed in from the on screen menu, try using program 20 for the video and 30 for the cable. For this to work you must do the on screen frequency scanning from channels 22 to 69 (UK) and select VCR, CATV, VHF, UHF, etc.
    I have used program 00 and 20 for two VHS recorders, working on channel 33 and 35 for example, but you must tune them to 33 and 35 on the `Tune' screwdriver hole by the aerial input sockets of the recorders.
    I expect if your cable unit plugs into your aerial socket of the TV that it has an adjustment for what channel it is on.
    The TV on screen menu may be different in some countries, so it would help if I knew where you are.

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