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My brother sent me a sponsor letter from Canada to take admission in Canadian university. He asked, me to apply for Canadian fast track immigration service. I do not know much about the process and principals to apply for immigration. I have searched a lot but I found different views and reviews on that. Can anyone tell me anything about the fast track service to apply for Canadian immigration and what categories cover the fast track immigration process?

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     Australian house of senate has passed a bill to ensure the immigration authorities to speed up the process of applications for the skilled immigration. These changes are applicable for those applicants who have submitted their applications on or after February 27, 2008. According to Canadian immigration authorities there are over 900,000 undecided applications waiting for a decision for immigration application. Without this bill it was expected the count would increase to 1.6 million by 2013.

    Canadian immigration authorities have announced 38 occupation lists for fast track process to fulfill their requirements. First of all the applicant should have an offer of arranged employment, or he should be a foreigner living in Canada for at least on year, or an international student completed his/her degree from Canadian institute, or he should be a skilled worker having the experience in one and more of the prescribed occupations.

    This fast track service is only applicable for skilled work visa in federal skilled category. If you want to ask questions regarding the policies and detailed requirement please mention the occupation you are going to adopt. I would feel an honor by providing you details regarding the Fast track Canadian immigration system.

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