Can your Social Security Disability stop if you go back to school?

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One of my patients middle age is on social security disability and considering going back to school (on campus and/or online) but he's very concerned that his SSDI will stop. He would rather not be on SSDI but his medical condition warrants him to be on SS disability. He has no family and he's not receiving any other income except for his SSDI. He's having a really hard time trying to pay for life itself. Medicine, Dr's appointments, daily living expenses, etc.. the only way he feels he'll make it is by going back to school. Applying for grants and scholarships is his only help he feels he has right now.

Does anyone know anything about going back to school while on social security disability (SSDI)?

Can his SSDI be stopped if he goes back to school?

Thankyou everyone!

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  1. Mitchel

     One can go to school, while entitled to a SSDI, if you are on adult child SSDB, these benefits stop once your disability improves and you are able to earn enough money, I would advice you to utilize your state's Department of Rehabilitation assistance in your education or you can easily use the Social Security Administration's program called the Ticket to Work . Through these programs you can decide nature of your education and the equipments and tools needed in your education goal. Hence,  you will be able to attend school with the help of financial assistance from government who will pay for your books and tution.

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