Can you smoke marijuana before a colonoscopy?

by Guest1976  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Can you smoke marijuana before a colonoscopy? some people smoke marijuana for pleasure because they are addicted to it but others do it for medical reasons. so those who know it can you tell me if i smoke it before colonoscopy would it do anything bad.

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  1. Guest17455068
    Of course you can, especially if it will help to relieve your anxiety. It won't help the gallon of vile stuff you have to drink go down any easier though. For that get some powdered Gator-aid mix. At the hospital you'll be given a sedative and possibly an amnesiac so you won't feel pain and won't remember any if you do have some. These drugs will totally overwhelm any THC in your system so don't worry at all about it. Trust me, I speak with experience. I've had a couple of "scopes", even watched them as they were done. A year and a day ago I went into the VA hospital with what proved to be diverticulitis that totally blocked my colon. After six months of wearing a pouch I was properly reconnected. I'm just now in the final phase of healing but at least it wasn't cancer. You are smart to get checked early and regularly.

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