Can you regain child custody after losing parental rights?

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I lost custody while in jail in October of 2005. I lost parental rights sometime in 2006 but wasn't even properly notified of the court hearings and dates. My grandmother who has lung cancer and I have heard she has been in and out of the hospital has custody. I have a no contact order so I haven't seen or talked to my children since November 2005. I have gotten into a substance abuse program and have been complying with the program since April 2009. I want visitation of my children first and eventually to get custody back. I was not a bad mother but I did make bad decisions that affected my life horribly. I suffer everyday with those mistakes but I want my children to know that I love them and will fight till my death to get them back. I am in Kentucky does anyone know the fastest procedures to go with? Any help is appreciated!!

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  1. Guest28142429

    you need to go to the g.a.l or ur attorney in the matter and have an appeal put in to reopen the case.

  2. Guest24933571

    I  wish i new the way to help get the children returned to there birth familiy'although to be trueful in 2009 my parental rights were terminated on the alleged ground of mental illness with out a burden of proff ,the reson i lost my children is because  of my ex the man i was at the time marred to sexually abused my child and sibling but yet i did not see any sign,s or actions to really state the words the my child was at harms way but the judge looked me in the the eye and stated the words to don,t you ever sleep and my answer was yes i do when i sure that my children are all safe and sound to sleep in there own bedrooms then i try to get a few hours of sleep to tend to there safety and well beings the next day ,i was a parent that took care of my children and helped them thro school ect ,,i have it in black and white ,but yet i only get yearly up dates of two of my children onces a year although yes im a mother of 5  whom did not abuse my children for i took good care of them and placed there needs befor anything at all although today i still sitt with out my children because i can not get a lawyer to take my case to hear my voice on the behalf of my children whom deserve there birth mother whom they know never hurt them

  3. Guest23546538

    I have a friend that has 3 children. The Father of the children gained custody by calling DSS.

    He told them her Boyfriend had touched one of her girls in a wrong way. also acussed her of Drug abuse. She had Custody of the Children and he got them on weekends. One weekend she let him have them he never brought them back. She called the Police and reported him. Thats when he called Dss. She was never notified about loosing custody, no papers etc.. The court appointed lawyer when asked by her why wasn't I told and why.. She said she did send enthem out. that was in 2005. The father called her up and is now letting her see her children over night. He tells her if she doesn't come back to him he will take them from her forever. she has them for 2 weeks this time. Every time she picks them up they are dirty. They cuss and talk about sexual things, very x*x rated stuff. she tells them not to talk about it.They have called her because they had nothing to eat on many ocassions, Now today her oldest he was getting into the bath tub and she took his shirt off,

    He has marks on his rib cage, the youngest girl said thier from Daddys Cigarett. She asked him and he said he doesn't know how they got there. She asked her girls idf anyone has touched them wrong they say Daddy said they will take us away and put us in a home if we tell you, and we won't ever see you again. SHE IS SCARED FOR HER CHILDREN. WHAT SHOULD SHE DO?????


  4. Guest15513926
    My best friend is in the same situation. What you need to do is get a really good lawyer, and discuss with him how to go about getting custody back. Obtaining custody after termination is not an easy task, you will need a good lawyer and all the proof that you can obtain that you are going to these substance abuse classes, and explain to the court you understand why the children were taken and you will do anything you have to in order to get them back. And that you want visitation rights to prove that you want them. I also recomend you giving the court some proof that you have a big enough house to where the children may have their own rooms and that you can afford for them to live with them. I hope this sort of helps, but this is the only thing I can think of that may help.

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