Can you please give me Justin Bieber's real cell phone number?

by Guest19279425  |  8 years ago

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I am his #1 fan! I love him so much. He is such a great singer and I love his personality. He is very nice. I want to meet him someday! You are lucky because you can see him whenever you feel like it. I hope i can meet him someday! :)

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  1. Guest22431075

    Dear Justin ,

                        This Is Rebecca Here and I Love your music it would be Great If I Could Have Your Numbeer But Itss Touugh . I Havve Been A Fann From The Start , Annd Until The Ennd Of Ur Singing Career ...

                                     Loovee Rebecca, Ansswer Back Pleassse


  2. Guest19823121
  3. Guest19728129
    can someone please give me Justin Biebers cell phone #
  4. Guest19718320
    i am your number #1 fan i know your middle JUSTIN DREW Bieber i am not one of those crazy girls so plz dont think i am and i love one less lonley girl. LOVE U

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