Can you open Meilink Safe without know the combination?

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I am thinking of buying meilink safe for my documents but I want to know whether it can be opened if i lost its combination. Please tell some ways in which it can be opened without combination.

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  1. Duke

    I would first recommend that you must contact Meilink to see if they have the original combination for the safe.  If that don't respond to you, here is another way that you would call a safe technician from a local safe company. He might open the safe for you in just $350-$500. A trained safe technician can open the safe without destroying it and he might change your combination if you want him to do so.
    One other solution for that is try putting a glass up to the safe near toe tumbler and u might hear it click as u get the right number. This trick I saw in a movie, you can try this it might work for you.
    You can also give this a try:
    1. Turn the dial left past the first number 3 times and stop on the fourth time.
    2. Turn the dial right past the second number twice and stop on the third time.
    3. Turn the dial left past the third number once and stop on the second time.
    4. Turn the dial right until the dial stops at the last number.
    5. Turn the handle
    One of my friends told me about this trick and I have never tried it and don’t know that whether it works or not. He was very much confident for this trick hope so that will work. These are some tricks that I know and if all above tricks don’t work then try this one use an explosive to blast it to open a safe for you.

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