Looking for teacher in fashion sketching.

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Hi, do you have knowledge of fashion sketching. I have been sketching since I was about 12 and now I am 20 and I am wondering if I should continue my pursuit of becoming a fashion sketch designer. All the jobs I try to apply for want more than flat line sketches and real figure designs and concept boards...When i left high school (h.s. of fashion industries in nyc) I was told that with my talent I should be able to get an entry level position in the fashion design world.....can you assist me? Someone tell me where can I find a good teacher in this field?

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    No, I do not have knowledge of fashion sketching per se. However, I did once try and get into the advertising business and ran into a similar problem. Although they liked my concepts and designs, I did not have a finished product, i.e., ad copy from a newspaper, TV commercial, etc.

    My best advice is to give them whatever they want. Perhaps what they are looking for is to see the finished product of your designs. It's one thing to draw a sketch; it is another to be able to wear it. This is probably what they looking for, just not saying so.

    Maybe you know someone who is a seamstress that can make your designs real. On the other hand, they might just be looking for the specifications for the pattern. How is it put together? Is it practical from a manufacturing perspective?

    A few photographs of some models wearing your designs would do the trick. At any rate, you should find someone who does know the fashion design business to advise you. A good place to go would be any fashion design organization or clubs holding monthly meetings.

    Make sure you take a business card with you, just a simple card with your name, fashion sketch artist underneath and contact info. You might just get the break you are looking for. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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