Can you have a 3 way video chat using skype?

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Can you have a 3 way video chat using skype? i am looking for help on finding out how 3 way video chat using skype can take place. can mac and pc work together for skype games or would bill gates and Steve won't allow that.
thats pretty much it
i have a mac and my friends have a pc is there any way we can play the skype games
sorry for many different questions

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  1. Miss Marketing

    Video calls on skype is very easy but you would have to use Skypes Conference Call feature and then enable Video. only those with webcam will able to see eachother. as for the skype games i have a very limited knowledge and don't want to give you the wrong answer.

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  3. Guest18916720
    i sure whant to now how can i video chat with 2 people..........:(
  4. Guest12016618
    nope, limited to 1 to 1 with video, without video 3-way audio is all you get
  5. Guest10449604
    how do i enable video?

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