Can you give me some examples of declamation pieces?

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Can you give me some examples of declamation pieces but can you make sure the examples are easy to understand, i have a very low IQ.

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    do you have the lyrics of the declamation piece entitled "the visit?"

  2. Guest22831629

     i don't know just research on other websites!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guest22567004

    declamation give the one of the declamation








  4. Guest22105812

    uhmm what is the title of the first one ? O:

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  6. Guest20027558
    "What Idiot? I'm not an Idiot! What crazy? I'm not crazy! You! and You!... why are you staring at me?! Don't you know that I'm the president of this nation!? Can't you see my beautifuL hair?...ummmm it smells terrific!!! Look at my well-shaped nose and eyes, aren't they nice and beautifuL?... and Look at my darLing figure... 36-24-36...It's aLa-Miss Universe!!! and I know things more than you do... I can sing and dance like Madonna!!!(sing and dance)" "But I'm alone! aLone in this world! Left and foresaken! I seek for the comfort of my Friends! I smoke! I drink! I dance day and night! and I take dangerous drugs!" "Mama! Papa! why did you leave me aLone?! Why do you always have to leave me? Busy with your business! mahjongs! and Parties!" "Mama! Papa! don't leave me alone! Willie,..... will you heLp me??" Willie:"Oh shut up!" "Will you? I want my Mama and Papa's Love..." "God please give me back my Mama and Papa... I want them! I need them! and I Love them.... please....give them back to me... PLEASE.......!!!! PLEASE....!!!"
  7. Guest16199750
    "finders are not keepers" declamation piece
  8. Guest11718500
    " I AM TO BE BLAMED" They're chasing me, they're chasing, no they must not catch me, I have enough money now, yes enough money for my starving mother and brothers. Please let me go, let me go home before you imprisoned me. Very well, officers? take me to your headquarters. Good morning captain! no captain, you are mistaken, I was once a good girl, just like the rest of you here. just like any of your daughters. But time was, when I was reared in slums. But we lived honestly, we lived honestly in life. My father, mother, brothers, sisters and I. But then, poverty enters the portals of our home. My father become jobless, my mother got ill. The small savings that my mother had kept for our expenses were spent. All for our daily needs and her needed medicine. One nigth, my father went out, telling us that he would come back in a few minutes with plenty of foods and money, but that was the last time I saw him. He went with another woman. If only I could lay my hands on his neck I would wring it without pain until he breaths no more. If you were in my place, you'll do it, won't you captain? What? you wont still believe me?. Come and I'll show you a dilapidated shanty by a railroad. Mother, mother im home, mother? mother?!. There captain, see my dead mother. Captain? there are tears in your eyes? now pack this stolen money and return it to the owner. What good would this do to my mother now? she's already gone! Do you hear me? shes already gone. Am I to be blamed for the things i have done?! that's an example of a declaimation piece>.. enjoy reading.. i hope it can help and answers to your question.. God bless
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  10. Guest11706726
    Can you give me some examples of declamation pieces?
  11. Guest11706729
    "Vengeance is not ours, It's God's" Alms, alms, alms. Spare me a piece of bread. Spare me your mercy. I am a child so young, so thin, and so ragged. Why are you staring at me? With my eyes I cannot see but I know that you are all staring at me. Why are you whispering to one another? Why? Do you know my mother? Do you know my father? Did you know me five years ago? Yes, five years of bitterness have passed. I can still remember the vast happiness mother and I shared with each other. We were very happy indeed. Suddenly, five loud knocks were heard on the door and a deep silence ensued. Did the cruel Nippon's discover our peaceful home? Mother ran to Father's side pleading. "Please, Luis, hide in the cellar, there in the cellar where they cannot find you," I pulled my father's arm but he did not move. It seemed as though his feet were glued to the floor. The door went "bang" and before us five ugly beasts came barging in. "Are you Captain Luis Santos?" roared the ugliest of them all. "Yes," said my father. "You are under arrest," said one of the beasts. They pulled father roughly away from us. Father was not given a chance to bid us goodbye. We followed them mile after mile. We were hungry and thirsty. We saw group of Japanese eating. Oh, how our mouths watered seeing the delicious fruits they were eating, Then suddenly, we heard a voice call, "Consuelo! Oscar! Consuelo! Oscar! Consuelo! Oscar!" we ran towards the direction of the voice, but it was too late. We saw father hanging on a tree - dead. Oh, it was terrible. He had been badly beaten before he died - and I cried vengeance, vengeance, vengeance! Everything went black. The next thing I knew I was nursing my poor invalid mother. One day, we heard the church bell ringing "ding-dong, ding-dong!" It was a sign for us to find a shelter in our hide - out, but I could not leave my invalid mother, I tried to show her the way to the hide-out. Suddenly, bombs started falling; airplanes were roaring overhead, canyons were firing from everywhere. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Mother was hit. Her legs were shattered into pieces. I took her gently in my arms and cried, "I'll have vengeance, vengeance!" "No, Oscar. Vengeance, it is God's," said mother. But I cried out vengeance. I was like a pent - up volcano. "Vengeance is mine not the Lord's". "No, Oscar. Vengeance is not ours, it's God's" these were the words from my mother before she died. Mother was dead and I was blind. Vengeance is not ours? To forgive is divine but vengeance is sweeter. That was five years ago, five years - Alms, alms, alms. Spare me a piece of bread. Spare me your mercy. I am a child so young, so thin, and so ragged. Vengeance is not ours, it is God - God - It's... -chunkie-
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    Forget It If you see a tall fellow ahead of a crowd, A leader of men, marching fearless and proud, And you know of a tale whose mere telling aloud Would cause his proud head to in anguish be bowed, It's a pretty good plan to forget it. If you know of a skeleton hidden away In a closet, and guarded and kept from the day In the dark, and whose showing, whose sudden display, Would cause grief and sorrow and lifelong dismay, It's a pretty good plan to forget it. If you know of a thing which will darken the joy Of a man or woman, a girl or a boy, Which will wipe out a smile, or the least way annoy A fellow, or cause any gladness to cloy It's a pretty good plan to forget it.
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