Can you actually blow an engine?

by Mark Jones  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Can you blow an engine if the rpm is too high? I've never heard of it happening except in drag racers and in video games, but never actually seen it or heard of it happening in a normal car

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  1. Shana Shalmon

    Generally, a blown engine is used to refer to an engine that seizes. Mostly it happens due to overheating of the engine or low levels of engine oil. This causes the engine to stop working. All car owners need to follow some general maintenance to reduce the possibility of their car engine seizing. There are some useful technical maintenance tips which I came across at page that helps all car owners to reduce their car maintenance expenses as well as helps them to retain their car’s performance.

  2. Mark Jones
    I believe that if an engine has too much pressure building up within, and no way to contain it, it would blow. Am i right?
  3. haseeb
    no its not if u drive ur car in lower gear ur Engine get seased but blowing the engine is completely different.....
  4. Kevin
    I think,"yes" but that is coz of driving your car in a low gear for a longer period of time, its true, I havent heard it myself.
  5. haseeb
    YES U can but not blow but yeah the tern used for it is Engine Blown.I did MIne In abbottabad Pakistan i never knew that the oil get leaked from my engine but i kept on driveing it fast and then first there was a sound from the pistons then a LOud Bang with sum smoke the Engine was blown..

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