Can u suggest me what happened to my pc,when i was working it suddenly crashed out?

by ranson  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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pc problem

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  1. badol007

    don't worry about that. I tell you frankly, it is unavoidable to have registry errors if you install or uninstall programs and visit various website frequently. So what you need to do is to fix registry errors regularly. To solve this problem you can use third party software. I suggest you to visit this site. I hope you must get all answer

  2. bhakuni123
    Well dear, This is due to problem in your windows registry. When you do any work in your PC, like installation, update and download files from web, all records in the registry system. When this record become corrupted or go missing, it results runtime, javascript and chkdisk type of errors. I suggest you to choose registry cleaner option to solve this problem. This will also make your PC performance better and give your windows a new life.
  3. rainn
    it is due to virus.

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