Can someone please help me make a mermaid spell?

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I am trying to make a spell that will turn me into a mermaid when ever I say a phrase or a word. I do not know where to start. I have limited ingrediants like my bathtub salt and 2 seashells... some of you out there are experts at making things like these.. And I would like to have a tail as soon as possible, I never seen H2O so that is not my influence for doing this. I just want to be free... and finally have happiness. I pray to god that someday my wish will come true.

Please help me.. and no rude comments.. if you don't like what I am doing then don't come to this question. >:(

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  1. Amazing person

     First off take a cup of water and put a piece of jewelry in the water and say this chant three times.


    Glass of the sea,

     make me what I wish to be make me a mermaid legs are not needed just a tail and one special power.

     I would like to have a tail the color of (tail color)

     and the special power I would like to have is to (power) water.

     I will get my tail and power in 1 hour.

     Rain shall not affect me but one drop of any other water will.

    A mermaid when wet a human when dry.

    You shall make my deisre so please help me become what I wish to be I wish to be a mermaid.

    So Mote It Be."   

    i havent tried this spell as yet but i'm gonna do it soon and ppl say it work so i hope it works for u and i and maybe if we become mermaids i might see you in the ocean sometime :)

  2. Guest23118029

    um will that even work

  3. Guest20618773
    i have the same question but sorry if we tell you a spell it won't work
  4. Guest20343712
    Say magic spirits Of the deep give me a tail ps you cant change back

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