Can radiation therapy be used for Prostate cancer?

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I would like to know about how the radiation therapy for the treatment of Prostate cancer, how and when it is used to treat the prostate cancers?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Radiation therapy is primarily used for the treatment of Prostate cancers of the stages of A,B and C. Although the radiation is as good as removing the prostate. Here it is very important to decide the options of treatment which can be difficult to choose. For the patients whose health makes the surgery difficult and risky, the radiation therapy is a preferred alternative. The radiation therapy is either external or internal for the prostate gland.
    A specially trained oncologist performs the radiation therapy in the radiation oncology center. The therapist marks the part of the body which has to be treated. A device like X-ray machine is used to deliver the radiations to the prostate gland. The treatment is painless but the side effects are impotence, incontinences, appetite, loss, fatigue, skin reactions such as redness and irritation, the rectal burning or the injury. The external beam radiation therapy is completed in 5 days. Prostate brachytherapy or the internal radiation is the result of placing radioactive seeds inside the prostate. A surgeon inserts needles through the skin which is behind the s*****m. The seed are much small so you don’t feel them. They can be temporary or permanent. The internal radiation therapy directed to the prostate, as it reduces the damage to the tissues which is around the prostate. The prostate brachytherapy might be needed for early and slow growing prostate cancers.

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