Can people of pakistani origin get indian visa from uk

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Can people of pakistani origin get indian visa from uk? i need to find out if i can get multiple visa for my friend who is originally from pakistan but is a british citizen and holds british passport. Would he get the visa or the same bullshi... of india vs pakistan will come into play.

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  1. Guest23149897

    Can people of Pakistani origin get Indian visa from uk is a question i have been asked time and time again. i work in the indian embassy in the UK and have seen unprecedented amount of applications from people of pakistani origins in the last few years. When we are going through the process to issue Indian Visas for people of pakstani origins, our main aim is to make sure the person applying is who he/she says they are? Some officers do give people of pakistani origins hard time but that is the same from our counterpart at the pakistani embassy also (they give people of indian origins hard time).

    It is best to apply well in advance of your travel to India if you have any ties with Pakistan. Provide all the necessary documents and let us know if you hold a pakistani passport or ID card. For some pakistanies we would have to send their details to relevant department in india to get clearance, once the clearance is issued we will issue the visa. It’s always important to not lose your temper. I have issued multiple entry one year indian visas for people of pakistani origins number of times. In each case the person was clam, collective and provided all the documents I had asked for.

    We have to go through a process just like when pakistani or indian people apply for USA visa. They have their process and deny so many applications.

    So its best to provide your documents and also provide the reason why you want to visit india, where you will be staying and if your visit is for business, you would need a letter from the company you will be meeting, which must state your name, reason for the meeting and when is the meeting taking place?

    You would also need to provide a letter from your company in the UK stating the reasons for your visit to india.
    It is as simple as that.

  2. fahad latif

     yes they can apply for visa from uk in the indian embassy.

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