Can I still become an actor at the age of 21?

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I want to know about my future to become actor , I am at the age of 21 and some people way that it is late now to start a career in acting, can anyone tell me about it?

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  1. Guest23266414

    I myself am 23 years old, What I'm doing at the moment fine, but I've always wanted to become an actor, since the age of 10, however I never went for it, I was never given that "push". Now I assume It's too late, and that If I do get into acting, maybe I won't be successful, I may struggle with income later on in the I have to make a big decision here..

  2. Tom Reeds

    The matter of fact is that there is no age limit for becoming an actor or there is no time limit and time frame for that. There are some priorities in life that you have to set. You understand yourself better than anyone, it is your life, you are responsible for what you are doing. If you want to pursue your career in acting then you should better go for it. There are many academies and help by which you can learn and become a good actor. People will say a lot of things and your parents will definitely want to see you get married.
    On the other hand if you have trouble with you looks then this in not a big issue, as for becoming a successful actor looks do not count a lot. There are other talents and abilities that are required for becoming a good actor. You can learn these skills from the coaching centers. There are many actors still present in this world who have average looks and they have become a good actor. Also some of the good actors have started their careers late, even some of them got into the entertainment industry and started acting at the age of 30.If you have a passion for any thing go for and try your best to do it in a most convincing manner . You are still young and age of 21 is not an age where you cannot start or initiate any career or acting.

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