How Can I change my flight date?

by Guest2989  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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i am traveling by spirit airlines on august 26
and i want 2 know if i can change my flight date 2 an earlier day
like around the 18th or 19th
if i can change the date please tell me how
and if i have to pay?

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  1. Mitchel

    It's pretty possible to change your flight date, but this change comes at a cost. You will be charged more for a  new ticket. Changes in flight timings can be  made up to 4 hours before  the scheduled flight departure time either online or via a reservation center.

  2. Guest9510
    There would be a change fee..usually about 100 dollars...then you would have to pay a fare difference.... this could range between 0 and 300 dollars....
  3. Guest8957
    Why asking this question here. Call the airline directly and they will tell you ! ! ! !
  4. Guest5673
    You can change it, but there will almost certainly be a fee. The fee is usually around $100. Sometimes, if you have a refundable ticket, there is no fee for changing or it is less. But in either case, you'll have to pay the difference in airfare for the dates, which could be another several hundred dollars.

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