Can honey change color of Eye?

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I have dark brown eyes and I want to change their color because I don�t like it! Is this true that honey can turn your eyes hazel?

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     I just started a day ago and I'm already see results . My eyes are dark brown but I can only see them under a very bright light but if I look closely now I can see a slight hint of dark brown . I'm twelve and the only one in the school with dark brown eyes , it is embarrassing. I make the mixture until the honey over takes the water in taste but still light and runny to make eye drops . If you have any old eye drops squeeze it all out then in a upright position squeeze all the air out and hold in that position. Get the mixture and put the eye drops container in with all the air out. The mixture will go in the bottle and you can use it like that . Usually I use 20in the morning and 10 when I get home then when I go to sleep 20 in each. If to get long lashes with that use chap stick on your lashes anytime you want to. Sorry if u have a lot to read.

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    i have been using it for three weeks now and i use to have sucha dark brown color of eyes now i am really starting to see the brown..but u have to be patient it take atleast a year for it to b hazel



  4. christinamonte

    Yes honey can be useful for changing the eye color but only if u r using destilitate water with honey and mix it as everyday drops, it may takes time but it does change eye color. So U can go from dark brown to medium brown and then light brown to hazel eyes, if u come from green tones or blue tones depending of the every person eye. It takes time but it works if u do it everyday and for at a least a year. I have been on Honey Drops for 9 months and my eyes are now turned to hazel greenish, before they use to be medium brown, so i will stop using it until i get a little bit more lighter.

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     It seriously works....

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    OMG im going to try this! my dad is an all aroundand nurse ( he should be an all around doctor) and he said honey is good because of the antioxadiants and i have been watching demi experiments (youtube), and her eyes have changed color by 1 shade in a week!

  7. Guest27879285

    what type of honey do y'all use and will it damage your eye sight? I have very light brown eyes and would love for them to turn hazel or green. Idk if this makes a difference but my dad has green eyes and my mother almost has black eyes. Mine have changed from grey as a child to dark brown to now a almost honey/light brown color. What are the possiblities of them changing to a natural hazel or green color by using honey?

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    This is Master Steve's Link

    He is now going into Green as you can see in his latest pic. using Honey and on Month 4.

  9. Steve

    First they will go Auburn Then the color of honey... light brownish....  then... I'm not sure but I used to do it 3x a day.. now I'm doing it like 50 drops every 2 hours. I'm starting to see faster results. But still... its a pain for it to just change a little bit. lol... My eyes were dark brown. now they are light brown but I do have a gray ring around the pupil so I'm going to try to go for that color... This will change your eye color.. no matter what people tell you. Keep popping drops all the time. Just Remember that when we re first born most of our eyes are Gray or Bluish. Then melanin kicks in and you go out into the sun and TaaaDaaa! you get brown eyes.  So in a way.. by doing this we're reversing it... going back to our original birth color.. or at least its what I'm trying to do.

  10. Guest22861306

    yep I've been using it for a whole week!

    The first time I used it, I was so surprised that honey could sting so much, and a lot of tears came out, but now I'm on day seven, and the pain is only half :) I'm thinking of adding the amount of honey and lessening the amount of water. It is now 2:1, but maybe I'll change it to 3:1


    Oh, and I'm targeting for hazel! My eyes are a dark brown, and I'm Asian (well, more like a Pacific Islander). A week ago I couldn't even see my pupil except in very bright lighting, but now it's chocolate reddish. oh and by the way my left eye has sectoral heterochromia, half of it is super dark brown and half is light light brown with a hint of green, but since I've been using honey the dark part has turned slowly lighter, and the light brown part has more green hints.

    I'm so excited! But guys, a lot of people have been saying that this is a long term thing, so don't give up if nothing happens after more than two weeks!

    I don't care if it takes two years to turn to hazel, I'M DOING IT!

    Oh and another thing, quit checking your eyes in bright light. Just use the natural light. Just a word of advice cause there are heaps of people out there wanting to change their eye colour and constantly using bright light. IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR EYES, OKAY? So don't use 'em!

    Anyways, if you keep checking, you'll be thinking that it isn't changing, when in fact it is.


    Good luck!

    Hazelmania :D

  11. Guest22735123

    wanna try it nut doe it wotk? what kinda honey?

  12. Guest22622719

    Make sure the honey is all natural and unpasturized! or it wont work:)! "burn" is to harsh of a turn. it stings mildly; to avoid this mix it with lukewarm water.  ive bee ndoing this daily for 1 1/2 years and my eyes have gone from dark brown to light green. good luck:)

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    do any of you have before and after pics?? i wanna try this honey technique sooo bd. im sooo tired of wearing pure hazel contacts :(

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    ive tried it b 4 but it burned actually lol but syd can u proceed n tell me how u do  it i just put a drop in and can i use normal honey?

  15. syd
    yes ur right it can ive been using it for like 2 days and i can already see a slight differenceand dont belive people who say u will go blind that is a myth it was used as ancient remidies for years TRUST ME before i did this i id ALOT of research to make sure it wont hurt my eyes so if you want me to tell u how to do ut post all u questions here an ill be happy to answer. :) x
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