Can Steven Gerrard tackle his critics?

by markjones  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard has faced some criticism so far this season - even from his own manager Rafa Benitez - but can he lead his team to UEFA Champions League glory again?

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  1. Fahd Naveed
    He is one of the best midfielders ever, but I believe Rafa doesnt play him at the right position to get his best out of him. 1st he used to play him on the right, now he is playing him just behind the strikers. Gerrard has a good tackling ability and in the center of the midfield he has been more influential. Just behind the strikers he merely gets the ball and does not get enough room to create those stunning long and short cut through passes. Further he has no support this season from the back of the midfield that he used to have from Alonso. So this season may be a difficult one for him but surely he is the most important and influential player in the team.

  2. Phillothen
    He is undoubtedly a world class act at club and European level; if Liverpool are to perform in Europe then his experience and talent will be at its heart.
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