Can Pakistan survive of present turmoils?

by Abdur Rehman Maani  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Can Pakistan survive of present turmoils?

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  1. ZZ

     Pakistan currently is going on through a state of great turmoils because of the fact that an American national has killed three people here in Pakistan two by gunshot and third by hitting his car. 

    And America is building the maximum limit of pressure on Pakistani government to release the American citizen. 
    No one in the whole World is allowed such killings irregardless of what ever nationality he is having with him, and if some one does such acts then he/she should be brought to justice.
    Here also mentioning another thing which is creating more anger in American's mind that there has been a proper notice of the incidence by the court and hopefully there will be a proper trial held against the arrested American citizen.   

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