Can Kenwood KRF-5300 AV reciever run Kenwood LSV130B Speakers?

by Guest22931991  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Can Kenwood KRF-5300 AV reciever run Kenwood LSV130B Speakers?

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  1. Guest22933191

    I posted the question...... Just adding a bit more info, I just purchased the AV reciever really cheap. I've done a fair bit of homework, but there isn't much info in other forums regarding either model speakers or av reciever. I know the AV receiever has rated power of 100-120w per channel and the speakers have max power input of 120w.  The reciever comes with the standard sattelite speakers, but I need a bit more than that, otherwise it's a "downgrade" from the pioneer I have at the moment. I know it's just a "home theatre" at the end of the day, and not a HIGH end one (I nearly deaf anyway cause of the system in my but I'd like to make the receiver sound as good as poss...... Any help is appreciated Cheers

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