Can I use a non-chip NAB credit card in other countries?

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I am in USA and want to know that can I use a non-chip National Australia Bank credit card in other countries? If anyone have idea about this.

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  1. Banking Expert
    Yes. A credit card without a chip can continue to be used in the same locations as a chip credit card. However, in some countries you may be asked to use your PIN instead of signing to authorize your purchase or you may even be asked for both a PIN and a signature. For this reason, we recommend that you always know your PIN when travelling overseas. Travelling to the UK and Europe - Customers travelling to the UK or Europe should not be concerned about card acceptance if they have a non-chip credit card. Merchants should continue to accept foreign-issued, non-chip cards. In addition, payment terminals being used in the UK and Europe can identify a non-chip card. When the card is inserted, the terminal will know if a PIN or signature is required and will provide prompts accordingly. If you encounter a problem with a merchant, you can ask them to swipe the card and follow the prompts on the terminal. If you require further assistance when overseas please call: • Visa Global Customer Assistance: +1 443 641 2004 • MasterCard Global Assistance: +1 636 722 7111 • American Express Global Assistance: +61 2 9273 2730

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