Can I use a R22 compressor in a R134A system, and charge it with R22?

by Guest11192734  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Can I use a R22 compressor in a R134A system, and charge it with R22?
The supplier delivered the wrong compressor (Maneurop R22 instead of R134A) used in a air dryer system.

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  1. Guest11956303
    you'll throw off the compression ratio, slug liquid refrigerant into the compressor and destroy the oilin the system which is gonna cause a burn out when the refrigerant turns acidic. then you will have to get a new compressor. probably wont even work to begin with. evap will always freeze up on you

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  3. Guest11744107
    For my case, I would like to use R134a compressor in R22 system also charging R134a. Regards, Peter
  4. Guest11229685
    Hello, This depends on where you are from. From 2010 R22 is banned in the european union and you cannot use it anymore. And because it's an 134a system you are not allowed to change it to R22. If you are not from europe you have to check the pressures in the system because with R22 they will change. Probably also your expansion valve will have to be changed. My advise is to get the 134a compressor and not do the change. Greetings,

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