Can I reserve seats for my Emirates flights and how do I do this

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Can I reserve seats for my Emirates flights and how do I do this?

Emirates offers seat selection for the following passengers:

First Class and Business Class.
Passengers in all classes who are Skywards members.
Passengers in all classes who booked online at
Passengers in all classes travelling with small children and infants.

You can reserve seats through Emirates Manage a Booking page. After entering your Emirates booking reference, you will be able to select your preferred seating option(s).

If you are travelling in Economy Class and you are not a Skywards member, but wish to request seating, you will need to register for the Skywards programme first (which costs nothing) at You can then reserve seats through our Manage a Booking page. Please enter your Skywards number first, and then select your seats.

Please note that while every effort is made to satisfy seating requests, these are not guaranteed and could be changed without notice due to unexpected changes in aircraft, or due to operational requirements.

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