Can I make it as a big time rapper like TI

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b***h real Gs move in silence like lasagna
Don't look left or right money I found ya
Life ain't the same without ya
Gettin richer watch my money grow
Ain't no paper trail I got the paper flow
321 let's chase the dough
Open the door u gonna see a ho
Maybe three four more
Bring a girl with u imma make her a*s sore
b*****s go down on me like hard core
I finish my sentence with a period
Niggas think I'm not so serious
Rappin this s**t for bout 2 years
I lied make that 2 days
That's what ur b***h says
Cant believe u have one with that face
Don't start me cause the f is for finisher
Do sumthin bad b***h here comes the punisher
Didn't I tell ya
Money comes with a price for u mutha fucka
Rich n***a don't need the pension
Imma give u commision
2 percent no pushin
n***a b*****s love me
I m higher than the man u see
With all the money

Btw this is a freestyle I just wrote

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