Can I get my Cal Grant money without signing up for Work-Study yet if I was approved for it?

by Guest10928536  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I got my financial aid details and was awarded the Cal Grant and Pell Grant. After hearing about tuition increases and possible grant increases, I went to check them again. I found that they were actually lowered and a Work Study loan was added. I don't remember ever asking for it but I may have (this is my first time having grants/loans). Either way, I've tried 'signing up' for it but I can't and still haven't received what I need for it in the mail.

Can I still get my grant money even though the work study part (which is earned money) isnt filled out??? Please help! I keep trying to call the school but they're busy and hang up and school starts in a few days and I will need books! Help! Will I still recieve the money for the two grants???

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